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[Not working anymore] The tricks to buy the Freedom 251 smartphone | Sleepyhead Speaks

[UPDATE] : As the bookings are closed, these steps are not valid anymore..

Hello everyone,

Sleepyhead is back with another post and this time it is not a review, but a walk-through to buy the cheapest android smartphone in the world i.e. the FREEDOM 251 from the Noida, India based company Ringing Bells.

Xiaomi Mi 10400mAh Power bank | Sleepyhead Speaks review

Hello everyone!
Sleepyhead here! I am bringing you my first product review. This is the review of Xiaomi Mi 10400mAh power bank (Portable charger). The power bank is from Xiaomi Corporation and retails in India for Rs.999/- and is available through multiple online portals including Mi's own website. Read on to know what I feel about having and using this product after more than a year and a half.