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Xiaomi Mi 10400mAh Power bank | Sleepyhead Speaks review

Hello everyone!

Sleepyhead here! I am bringing you my first product review. This is the review of Xiaomi Mi 10400mAh power bank (Portable charger). The power bank is from Xiaomi Corporation and retails in India for Rs.999/- and is available through multiple online portals including Mi's own website. Read on to know what I feel about having and using this product after more than a year and a half.

The Mi Power Bank was launched in India in August 2014 exclusively through at a price tag of Rs.999/- and I was able to grab it in the initial days of its launch. Since then it has been my companion on all my journeys. It was one of the essentials that I am used to put in my bag whenever I go out. 

The power bank has an aluminium casing with battery cell technologies from LG and Samsung. It measures 90.5x77x21.6 mm and is weighs about 250g. It has a single USB-out port to connect to your device with 2.1A output rating. The capacity of the power bank is 10400mAh at 3.6V. The power bank can be charged using a micro-USB cable and the charging times vary depending on the charger used. It also has 4 LEDs to display the amount of charge left in the power bank. A button is provided to manually check the amount of charge left in the power bank. The package comes with a teeny-tiny micro-USB cable which is about 10cm long. It comes in a decent box packaging and can also be used as an alternate for a pouch like I do.

When you first take this thing in your hands, the first thing that crosses your mind is, this is darn slippery and it is not pocket-friendly. Yes, its smooth aluminium case surface makes it slippery. You do have some cases that helps grip this and also provides protection. 

The phone I had been using since the arrival of the power bank was Samsung Galaxy R. I must say that this phone was one of the awesome devices of its time. Mi Power bank would charge my phone (1650mAh battery capacity) from almost 0% to 100% at least 4 times completely and I had still had some juice left in the power bank to charge the phone for any emergency but not completely. The power bank used to take around 8-10 hours to fully charge, which used to be overnight in my case, as I used it in daytime to charge my phone and charge the power bank while I went to sleep and by the time I wake up, it'll have been fully charged.

I still use the power bank, but now I've upgraded to OnePlus One(64GB), after about a year since I got my power bank. The power bank charges the OnePlus One (3000mAh battery capacity) roughly about 3 times from 0-100% and is the best way to keep the phone running throughout the day given the quick charge compatibility on the phone and 2.1A output on the power bank.

There is not much of heating issues on the power bank thanks to the insulation provided inside the casing. The quality of the product is commendable as it has lasted so long and still is running in good condition. Though the shell surface is prone to scratches very easily, you can avoid it by taking a little care while using it. Overall I would definitely recommend this power bank to anyone who's out there looking for a power bank. Also I wish Mi brings stock in to cater to the demand. 

You can get the powerbank here :

Till the next review, Stay sleepy...


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