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TP-Link 10400mAh power bank review | Sleepyhead Speaks

Hello everyone! Sleepyhead here, back with another review! Today I'm going to speak about another powerbank. A new entry into the powerbank segment is the latest powerbank from TP-Link. Yes.. a powerbank from TP-Link, the company very much known for its computer networking devices.
TP-Link, the Chinese electronics manufacturer has come up with its latest offering - a powerbank. The powerbank segment in India is filled with so much options but reliability has been a major issue till date and most powerbanks fail to deliver on quality. Hence, a reputed company is always preferred and most of them are out of stock. *no name game* 
Hence I, being a TP-link customer decided to give this product a try. I went ahead and bought the product on Amazon India as there was a lightning deal that was on and got this for Rs.1160/-.