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TP-Link 10400mAh power bank review | Sleepyhead Speaks

TP-Link power bank review Sleepyhead speaks

Hello everyone!
Sleepyhead here, back with another review! Today I'm going to speak about another powerbank. A new entry into the powerbank segment is the latest powerbank from TP-Link. Yes.. a powerbank from TP-Link, the company very much known for its computer networking devices.

TP-Link, the Chinese electronics manufacturer has come up with its latest offering - a powerbank. The powerbank segment in India is filled with so much options but reliability has been a major issue till date and most powerbanks fail to deliver on quality. Hence, a reputed company is always preferred and most of them are out of stock. *no name game* 

Hence I, being a TP-link customer decided to give this product a try. I went ahead and bought the product on Amazon India as there was a lightning deal that was on and got this for Rs.1160/-.

First up is the UNBOXING 

TP-link powerbank unboxing review

On opening the box, we are straight away greeted with the powerbank itself. The one I have received is a white colored one. It is wrapped in a soft plastic wrapper and placed on a cardboard bracket inside the box. 

After exploring the whole box, I take out all components and they are as shown in the above image. Starting from left, powerbank, micro-USB Cable, some documentation, and a travel pouch. TP-Link have been very kind enough to give a travel pouch. This makes the job of carrying the powerbank and the cable very easy. Thank you fellas!


The powerbank is having a shape of a cuboid as seen here and is quite small in overall size and is not as heavy as the Mi 10400 mAh Powerbank. It measures 88.8×44.3×44.3mm and weighs about 241g. The bottom part bears the TP-Link logo and has a clean 3D cube-like pattern in blue color. 

The top part houses the two USB ports, the LEDs, a button and... well, a flashlight! 

A- 2A output USB Port
B- 1A output USB Port
C- The notification LEDs
D- The Flashlight
E-  Button.

The LEDs show the %age of battery remaining while you charge or discharge. The button can be pressed to manually check the %age remaining. Long pressing the button will turn the flashlight on/off. The flashlight is kinda a value add-on as it eliminates the need for another USB light altogether. If you're wondering where is the charging port, it is on the side. A micro USB port is provided to charge the powerbank on one of the sides (Strange enough). 


The powerbank comes with literally no charge! That's a common thing with lithium-ion battery products. It takes about 6-hours to fully charge this thing and then we are good to go. The phone I am using is a OnePlus One and it has a 3000mAh battery. I use the 2A output port so that I get faster charging on this powerbank and it does give fast charging and my phone that was on charge using the powerbank charged the phone from 50 to 100% in about 60-70 mins. My stock charger does not give me that speedy charging! so do a little experiment, I did try charging the powerbank using the USB ports on my PC and well it did better than I imagined. it did get completely charged in little upwards of couple of hours which is quite nice. The powerbank did heat initially and then cooled off later.

Overall the powerbank has exceeded my expectations and I recommend it to you all as this is one of the stable and trustworthy product out there in the market. Get yours from the online portals from the following links.

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