How to activate JIO SIM on non-partner phones

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We are continuing our series of JIO SIM related posts here. Today we will help you activate your JIO SIM that you have received for your SAMSUNG GALAXY DEVICES or any other Android powered smartphone. If you do not have a JIO SIM card, read our guide to get one HERE

When you had completed the procedures to get a JIO SIM, the Reliance Digital store representative might have told you to wait till to get a message that mentions the activation of your new sim. When you get the message, insert your new JIO SIM in a 4G enabled android phone and Boot it up.

Wait till you get the network service on your phone. Once you see you have signal on your phone, turn off WiFi and switch on the mobile data for initial setup. Now, open the JioJoin app on the phone. Grant permissions and access that the app requires and wait for it to connect. It may show CONNECTED or OFFLINE in the notifications area. REBOOT device once. Wait for a few minutes once it restarts. The JioJoin app should show ONLINE in the status. If not reboot once more time and it should solve the issue.

When you have your JioJoin app online, dial 1977 and continue with tele-verification. Once done, you will receive a confirmation SMS stating the successful verification in a few minutes. Reboot one last time!

When your phone restarts, open the MY JIO app and sign in. Make sure you have mobile data turned on and not on WiFi. Once logged in, you can see your profile and other details, usage stats and more. Use the JioJoin App to make voice and video calls or send and receive SMS. Use 4G normally using any other browser or on apps installed on your phone.


You will not be able to make calls using the default dialer on you phone as well as send or receive SMS using the default app on the device. You will have to use the JioJoin app to do the above actions.

We will update once new developments pop up in this regard.

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