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Reliance JIO Preview Offer - SAMSUNG, LG and all other 4G enabled smartphones

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We had posted some time ago about how to get a free Reliance JIO SIM Card exploiting a bug in their MYJIO App. [Previous post].  The company was quick to act and all the Reliance Digital stores denied issue of SIM cards unless you showed them a qualifying Samsung or LYF phone.

Today, there has been an announcement from JIO Infocom which states that ANY 4G ENABLED DEVICE is eligible for the free preview offer. How? Read the steps below.

The preview offer is eligible for select Samsung devices and a few LG models have also been added to the list now. When you download the MyJIO app on these set of devices, you get the GET JIO SIM button as in the below screenshot.

All you have to do is, generate a code by clicking on that button and follow the onscreen instructions and go to a nearby Reliance Digital outlet to get your SIM Card.

But, 4G smartphones other than the listed ones are having trouble generating the code using the MYJIO app. Do not worry. Just install the MYJIO app and when you open it, it will show a list of JIO apps. Just install all those apps and head over to a nearby Reliance Digital outlet with a couple of passport size photos, an identity proof and an address proof (original + a photocopy).

As per the announcement, for those customers who are unable to generate a code, the store representatives will do it for you and issue you a SIM Card if you are eligible. The activation will take some time as the code is manually generated and can go up to about 3-4 days as well.

We had visited a couple of Reliance Digital, Xpress Mini outlets and tried to get a SIM Card. The store representatives told us to come us the next day!  The SIM Cards they had were all gone for the day. The preview offer being made available for all 4G devices has spiked the demand for the same. When one gets free data, calls and SMS for 90 days, will you be missing the opportunity? No right! The same thing has happened.

After chatting with the store guys for a few minutes over this offer and the SIM distribution, we were startled on hearing a few developments. The company has not correctly estimated the demand for the SIM Cards. The supply is far far less than the demand what even one store faces in a day. People who dont even have a 4G phone are rushing to the stores to get a SIM because someone told them that this SIM gives them free internet, calls and SMS. The delay in activation due to surge in demand and manual generation of the codes is making people comeback to the store and argue with the representatives over non-activation issues.

So, being a tech blogger, would like to request all of you reading this to have some patience with anything you do in life. Good things come to you only if you stay calm and go with the flow. Please do not fall for false rumors saying that JIO gives you free internet, calls and SMS. This is true ONLY IF YOU HAVE A VoLTE ENABLED 4G smartphone. If you do not have VoLTE, you can access only free 4G data seamlessly (Calls and SMS can be done using the jio join app). Please co-operate with the Reliance Digital/Xpress Mini store staff as they are doing what they are told to do. Due to surge in demand, there will e delays in activation and it will happen for sure. So, just get your SIM and wait till it is activated. Once it's done, enjoy the free services for 90 days.

To know how to activate your Jio SIM once you get a confirmation message, read our guide HERE

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