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Unboxing and Review of Mpow Armor Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

Hello everyone,

First of all a very happy new year to everyone. It's been quite a while since I posted a review. Here is a review of a portable Bluetooth speaker, the Mpow Armor Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker. This is a review unit provided by the manufacturer. The views are fully mine and are unbiased given the fact that I have not bought the device.

First of all, take a look at the unboxing of the speaker.

Box contents:

1x Armor Portable Speaker
1x AUX Cable
1x Micro-USB Cable
1x Strand attached to the speaker
1x Instruction manual

Here's what I feel about the speaker...


The speaker is built like a TANK and I mean it! The moment I took it out of the box, I felt the heft and bulk of the sturdy build. The rock solid frame, tight rubber flaps truly makes it stand out!
This portable speaker comes with Bluetooth for wireless connectivity and an AUX input for wired music input to the speaker. If you are running low on power on your phone, this comes in handy as a power bank for emergency charge.


  • Power ON/OFF sounds
  • Easy pairing with Bluetooth devices
  • Fast charge - this speaker is fully charged in a span of about 2 hours on a 1A power connection (about 90 mins on a 2A charger)
  • Fast charge output - My OnePlus One was charging rapidly with roughly 1.2A current from the speaker. 
  • The speaker comes with a strand so that you can easily hang it around your bicycle or hooks in your room.

Overall review of the speaker:

Like I said, this portable speaker is built like a tank, LITERALLY! The first thing I did after unboxing this was, play football with the speaker. It doesn't roll that easily, but doesn't breakdown as well (Shoes recommended while playing football with this speaker). Pairing it with an android device or an iPhone was seamless and just a click on the phone away - it's that easy. The speaker has no mic input and that's why one cannot take or answer calls using this. The speaker is loud and can be heard from about 60-70m distance (without any walls or partitions in between) on full volume as well. Did take it out in moderate rain and the spills and splashes of water did not deter its spirits and the sound was crisp and clear. The bass is a lil less than a traditional speaker but nonetheless has great oomph on EDM tracks. If you are going on a trek or camping outdoors, this is a great portable speaker to have along. The rated sound output is about 8 hours, but I managed to sneak in about 10 hours on one full charge. Just kept it playing on loop from morning till evening and it just kept playing! The voice notes in a music track are very clear and distinct from the background music and can be used as an alternative for sound output while watching a movie of certain genres that are voice centric without much action or loud music. The LED has two colours and keeps blinking till it is paired up and blinks red when low on battery.

Overall a great product for the given price and competitor for the other renowned brands in the market. I'd go with 4 stars just because I miss the microphone on this one and I prefer more bass in a speaker. The aux input is definitely a plus and will come in handy if you want to save battery on your phone and the speaker.

You can buy the device from the links given below:

Amazon India :  (Priced Rs.2499/-)

Amazon USA: (Priced $24.99)

Until next time,

Stay sleepy... zzz...

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