Google login page to get a makeover

Google Login page notice

If you've noticed, recently Google login page has a note saying a new look page is coming soon. Google is reported to be working on a brand new look for the login page that offers the same level of security and convenience that the current login page offers but in an all new avatar!

The Google support section has a lot of information about these changes and here are some of the excerpts from the support article:

  • The steps to sign in won't change. 
  • You'll enter the same information you usually do, like your email address and password
  • You can use your account to sign in securely to the all Google services as before

Benefits of the new page:
  • The page will have a cleaner and simpler look
  • Make your sign-in process faster
  • Consistent look across computers, phones, and tablets
The new look of the page will be rolled out gradually over the next few weeks across platforms and you can be lookout for the same. We will update as and when we come across the new look of the page.

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