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Anroid 8.0 - OREO | All you need to know

Android v8.0 is now official and is called Android OREO. It comes with a host of changes to the UI and underneath for a even smoother Android experience for the users. We've collated all the major changes here in this post for you.

1. 2x Boost

Load your apps and documents even faster with a boost of upto 2x in app load times and device start-up.

2. Limit on background apps

There will be limits applied on the running of background apps. This will help you get better battery life and ensures your phone runs smoothly with the least amount of lag as the software will have less amount of apps running in the background.

3. Autofill

If you enable this feature, Autofill will enter your credentials such as login ID and passwords, addresses and more and will help you save time on typing it out every time.

4. Picture-in-Picture

Earlier, Android had multi-window feature for you to use two apps at once. Now, with P-i-P, you can have a floating window of one app while you use another app in full screen.

5. Notification badges

Android 8 brings notification badges to app icons. A feature that was limited to launchers and mods till date. This, though will append a dot to the top right of the app icon if you've a notification and no numbers will be there to show the count of the notifications. You can use launchers like NOVA launcher to get the feature of notification count added to the app icons.

6. Instant apps

You can try out an application right out of the browser without having to install an app. This will help you save time, data and storage to try out an app.

7. Google Play Protect

The safety feature that Google was rolling out to devices through an update to the Play Services, will be present by default, out-of-the box on devices running Android v8.0 and above.

8. Battery optimisations

Android v8.0 is said to be light on your battery and will help you get more juice out of your device for a longer period.

9. Emojis

Android Oreo comes with a variety of new emojis and re-designed emojis.

Updates? It depends on your phone manufacturer!

Google has already released updates for the Pixel line of phones and certain Nexus devices. Samsung is reportedly working on the updates for the Galaxy S8, S8 Plus, Note 8, S7, S7 Edge phones and is expected to release the updates by end of 2017. Sony, Motorola, Lenovo and major OEMs are also working on to bring out the updates for their line of phones. OnePlus has already released Oreo builds to its closed beta tester group of OnePlus 3 and OnePlus 3T users.

We'll keep updating as the story builds up.

Until next time!

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